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Our Approach

Our vision is to provide relevant, thought provoking, and factual news coverage. We strive to report with integrity, always. We aim to bring insightful information to our audience, and enlighten them on the news, and views from our staff.

We will focus on various aspect of American life, politics, and current events. Congress and the constant flow of agendas, personalities and power struggles that define daily life on Capitol Hill create a need to hold those America votes into power accountable. The 2016 presidential campaign, a race that will likely shape history in ways far beyond the typical election, has opened doorways for many independent journalists. Politics is a business alive with interesting and influential characters whose impact is dimly understood and insufficiently covered. Project Republic Today aims to inject our humor, wit, authenticity, and common sense understanding of world events, and American culture.

We generally will not be chasing the story of the day. We’ll put our emphasis on the “backstories” — those that illuminate the personalities, relationships, clashes, ideas and political strategies playing out in the shadows of official Washington.

Reading a story should be just as interesting as talking with the reporter over a steak or a beer. It’s a curiosity of journalism that this often isn’t true. The traditional newspaper story is written with austere, voice-of-God detachment. These newspaper conventions tend to muffle personality, humor, accumulated insight — all the things readers hunger for as they try to make sense of the news and understand what politicians are really like. Whenever we can, we’ll push against these limits. In the process, we’ll share with readers a lot more of what we know instead of leaving it in our notebooks.

Our Story

Our story starts in late 2016, we launched Project Republic with a belief that we are at an auspicious moment for a new publication — and for thinking anew about the intersection of politics and journalism. The main stream media tends to carry the same liberal slant. There are 6 media conglomerates and we aim to remain independent, and be of free thought, and free from group think. People are looking for news sources that are not bias, and shoot straight.

Project Republic Today is a for-profit, independent news outlet. We generate revenue for our mission through advertising. Decisions about what to investigate, as well as our conclusions, are guided only by our journalists.

While our job is to ascertain the truth, we will occasionally make mistakes. When we do, we commit to hastily correcting our errors so that our readers can get the real story. If you spot an error, please alert us via our tip line. The prominence of our correction will be commensurate with the gravity of the error. Typos will be corrected without fanfare, minor corrections will be noted at the bottom of the article and major factual corrections will be noted at the top.

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Current Staff

Publisher/Author: Nick Dunki –  Nick@projectrepublictoday.com

Editor-in-Chief/Author: Benjamin DeLisi – Ben@projectrepublictoday.com

Author/Reporter –Britney Harper – Britney@projectrepublictoday.com

Author/Reporter – Danielle Jackson – Danielle@projectrepublictoday.com

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